Did someone say custom hats?


Yes, someone did say custom hats and I know exactly where to get retail quality fashion caps customised. What is that you say, you want to know too? Well then, lets get started.

We provide all sorts of custom caps and hats in Australia. We are located in Sydney but deliver nation wide, so I wouldn’t worry about dealing with a blind company located overseas.

Custom Hats and Caps

If you’re looking at it from a marketing or promotional angle, then caps and bags are the cheapest form of advertising out there, with high impressions at a small price.

Caps and Hats do have an advantage over bags, as people will only use a bag when they want to carry a number of items. When people wear a hat or a cap, they’re generally protecting their head and face from the hot Australian sun, which is almost everyday.

Keep in mind that the other advantage that caps and hats have over bags, it that an ad head high is much more efficient than an ad that’s knee high.

Where does one acquire custom hats Australia? Well all you need to do is click the link over to Cap Xpress and read the information provided, and if you’re sold on the idea then a same day inquiry is only one click away. So technically you’re three clicks away right now to receiving your online quote. Another alternative is to call us.

Nobody likes to be ripped off, neither do we. If you’re located in Sydney, Australia, then why not come down to our factory and see some excellent custom caps and custom hats we have in our showroom.

We can even go as far as customising the visors, branding labels and the back straps if you’re looking for caps to sell. We’ve done some big companies in the past including Heineken Beer.


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