School and Sporting hats Australia


School hats and caps are an important part of a child’s recess and lunch time play: the rule in my day was “no hat, no play”. You need custom hats Australia to fix you up.

Sporting caps and hats are just as important as players are usually in the sun for an extended amount of time. We provide custom hats in Australia and caps of all shapes and sized with an embroidery service that will give you a top notch product.

School Hat Embroidery

There are many different styles when it comes to custom school hats, not to mention colours. You have a hat with the flap at the back, wide brim hats, caps and other sun safe styles that will fit your schools dress code.

What we provide is a wholesale price on the hats and caps, plus an embroidery service where we embroider your school logo on the front or side.

Sporting Hat Embroidery

Sporting teams have their own colours, but not necessarily their own style with hat or cap, so the choice for sporting teams to have custom hats is much larger than schools.

We can embroider your teams logo on any hat or cap that will make your sporting team look completely professional.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash for your sporting team, then you can always call us to discuss a cheaper option for merchandise, so your club can start generating revenue from supporters to keep the club alive.

Custom Hats Australia

Custom hats and custom caps are an essential part of promotion, uniform and merchandise. If you’re looking at it from a marketing point of view, then promotional hats are essentially a walking ad that’s head high. The impression rate is phenomenal at an extremely affordable price.

You don’t need to be loaded with cash to start ordering caps and hats, they’re almost as cheap as bags. Visit Cap Xpress Australia to find out more about starting your custom cap order today.


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