When it comes to custom caps in Australia, we mean business and can handle large custom caps and hat embroidery orders, plus we can also handle smaller orders, but will never do anything below 25.


What type of custom caps do we offer?

School hats and caps are a crucial item of clothing during a child’s recess and lunch-time play: the rule around my day was “no hat, no play”, which should still be around (I don’t see why not). So if you’re a school then you’ll need custom hats Australia to fix you up.

Sporting caps and hats are just as critical because sporting participants are frequently in the sun for a long amount of time. We provide custom hats in Sydney and limits of most shapes and sized having an embroidery company that can give you a top notch product.

Marketing and promotional caps will often give you a much larger impression rate than bags or t-shirts. Cap logos that are embroidered on the front provide a head high impression and people will generally only own a few hats or caps.

Custom Hats and Custom Caps Australia

Cap Xpress, Sydney, Australia
View more information and get an inquiry today
Visit: http://capxpress.com.au/custom-caps-australia/


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